Contending for the Faith in Moscow, Idaho

What does Doug Wilson say?

Living here in Moscow, ID, his followers often respond, “What does Doug say?” when we voice concerns about this controversial local pastor. We’ve created this blog to answer that question and reveal that he is far from the biblical teacher some purport him to be.

Doug Wilson Says a Man ‘Conquers’ a Woman Through the ‘Sexual Act’

| Opinion by Nathan Wells
“In other words, however we try, the sexual act cannot be made into an egalitarian pleasuring party. A man penetrates, conquers, colonizes, plants. A woman receives, surrenders, accepts....True authority and true submission are therefore an erotic necessity.” – Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson Says ‘Promises are Apprehended by Faith’ and Also by ‘Works’

| Opinion by Nathan Wells
“I have argued that promises are apprehended by faith, not faithfulness or fidelity, but, of course, faith in the biblical sense is inseparable from faithfulness. Faith is invisible to the human eye, but faith’s constant companion—faithfulness—is not invisible. Nevertheless, it is faith that receives the promises, overthrows kingdoms, and stops the mouths of lions. If we adopt the shorthand of James, we could say that faithfulness (works) does these things also, but we would be using his shorthand.” — Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson Says Publicly Sympathize With ‘That Vice Article’ About Us and You’re ‘Disqualified’

| Opinion by Nathan Wells
“Every Christian leader, pastor, board member, writer, thought-influencer, or teacher who read that Vice article and then publicly voiced their solidarity or sympathy with it—in any way, shape, or form—has disqualified themselves. They are DQed, flat out. They need to step down.” – Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson Says If Your Wife ‘Continues to Rebel’ by Not Doing the ‘Dishes,’ ‘Call the Elders’ for a ‘Pastoral Visit’

| Opinion by Nathan Wells
“What course should a man pursue?....he should require something very simple, i.e., that the dishes be done after every meal before anything else is done....If she continues to rebel after patient effort, he should at some point call the elders of the church and ask them for a pastoral visit.” — Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson Says If You Make ‘Venomous’ Comments About Me and ‘Don’t Repent’ You’re Going to Hell

| Opinion by Nathan Wells
“You need to repent of all the venomous comments you made over the last week, directed at us, and there were quite a few of them. If you don’t repent, you are lost forever. Revilers will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” — Doug Wilson

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